Feb 18

Sitefinity Certification

The Sitefinity team have released the start of a new Certification process. Currently the course and exam are free until August this year. There is just the one at present, Basic Developer, so I decided I would take it and see how it compared to the last Certification exam from Sitefinity.

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Jan 29

Shared Hosting Memory Limits

If you are running your Sitefinity site on a shared hosting provider you may come across a troublesome error indicating that the available memory space is under 5% and your service can not be activated. This is a defensive measure by ASP.NET to help keep your system stable but what can you do about it?

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Jan 17

Vary By Custom

In a recent internal build the Sitefinity team has added a new feature request allowing one to control the Vary By options for output caching. I wrote a post a while back talking about how to add this functionality in. But now, I am glad to say, this post is almost completely obsolete.

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