Sitefinity Stuff

Sitefinity Stuff is a place where I can put all my thoughts and 'lists' of Sitefinity things. Its run by myself, Darrin Robertson, and I hope that it gives back to other Sitefinity users some knowledge and help. I also hope that visitors to the site help me out by asking questions which will make me think and go and find answers as well as correct me and offer me alternative ideas and solutions.

Darrin Robertson
Sitefinity Consultant

I started in IT after my first child. I was a window cleaner and fitness instructor at the time and decided that they didn't earn enough to support a family. My friends were all into computers and I played lots of computer games so that seemed a logical move. I sat the MCSE exams at that time and then started applying for jobs.

I started on a Help desk and then moved into technical support. From there I went to an ecomerce team and looking after all the internet servers. After 4 or so years there I changed tracks and went into development, focusing on web technologies. From there I moved into Standards and Design and managing TFS.

Today I am still work with TFS/VSTS and all its features including continuous delivery\integration and the DevOps concepts.

As I started development I also started doing websites for friends. This eventually turned into a very small company, PDR Group Ltd. Eventually I came across Sitefinity 3.7 and liked it. But then came 4.0 and by release 7.0 had decided that this is what I would stick with. Since then I have been developing sites with Sitefinity and run this site.

Funny Story

I used an agency to find me my first job and the lady asked me to email my CV to her. "Sure no worries." I replied.
I then went and brought a modem and got connected to the internet for the first time that night. Being new to email I wasn't sure if it had worked after I hit the send button. So I did it 2 more times.
The next day when I arrived at the agency I asked if she had received the email as I had to get my brother to send it and he wasn't very good with computers.
"Yes, 3 times! Well I am glad were not finding a job for your brother. We wouldn't want anyone who didn't know how to send an email."
"Absolutely." I agreed.

(Yes, I got the job.)