Group Ltd

Sitefinity consultation, development and training with over eight years of experience and 20 years in the IT industry.

PDR Group is the company I run my consultancy work under. It started 15 years ago when I began doing IT work for friends businesses.

The company has been used as a vehicle for a lot of work. Hardware, networks, software and window cleaning. Eventually I started specializing in Sitefinity yet continue to run under the same company name.

Use the contact page to get hold of me otherwise you can view my blog posts on Sitefinity.



Often I get asked what does PDR stand for? Officially it doesn't stand for anything. I got the acronym from my employer at the time for the 'Personal Development Reviews' we needed to complete. It sounded inspiring and I wanted something that rolled off of the tongue nicely.

My dad, (and others) thought they were clever thinking that it stood for Paige, (my daughter) & Darrin Robertson. But, I had to burst their bubble and reveal it was just a coincidence.

The word 'Group', came from the fact that I didn't know what I would be doing in the long term. At the time I was doing personal training, software and hardware IT and window cleaning. So it represented the ability to be or do anything in the future without the need to change its name.

You can find out more about me on my about me page.