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Add a cart and payment process in minutes

Snipcart is a client-side implementation with an online service. A CSS reference, a JavaScript reference and an empty div are all that is required to add a shopping cart and payment service to your existing website. Snipcart commerce for Sitefinity lets you manage products in a backend module and wire up all the requirements with Snipcart to start processing international payments.

You can also use your existing Sitefinity eCommerce module products to drive the cart or migrate those products into the Snipcart Commerce module. A good option if you are looking to migrate away from Sitefinity's implementation.

There are widgets to display products, view orders as well as accept payments which is handly for accepting donations online.

Module Options

You can buy the standard module which provides you with a Nuget package that deploys a Sitefinity Add-on to your project along with a class library. It also contains some sample Razor Views and Sitefinity eCommerce product migration script to help you with any customisations.

If you have particular needs to cater for then you can purchase the source code of the project and take it in your own direction.

New to Sitefinity or need help

I can also provide development services to help you integrate this module into your existing Sitefinity site or get a new site up and running.

Module Details

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Snipcart Commerce

Integrate Snipcart, a client-side shopping cart, into your Sitefinity site and start accepting international payments in minutes.


You can find the module on NuGet by searching for 'Pdr.Sitefinity'. The modules will all work in development under the localhost domain without any restrictions.

For other domains you will need a license which you can purchase here. The license will cover you for any number of domains you wish and last forever. If you need to add domains later on you can get in contact with me.

The purchase cost is used to supplement my Azure hosting costs as opposed to making any wealth.

Your Purchase Options

You can purchase the individual module itself or you can purchase the bundle which includes all my modules except Snipcart commerce which is an integration.

You can also purchase the actual project which includes all the source code for each of the individual modules as well as the project bundle for all the modules, (excluding Snipcart Commerce).

When you make a purchase you will get an email sent to you to confirm the purchase. At the same time I will be notified and will get in contact with you to organise your license file or project source code.

The best option may be the project as you can upgrade it yourself as required with your Sitefinity project. I will look to update the packages but may not be as quick as you need.


Looking for this but with something extra?

If you need enhancements to this module please get in contact and detail your requirements. I am happy to take a copy of the project and adjust it to suit your needs.


You can find the latest help for this module on it's help page.

For information on licenses have a read of our licensing page.

Anything else, just get in contact and I'll do my best to help you out.