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Hello, and welcome to my corner of the world. My name is Darrin Robertson and I am a Progress Sitefinity partner and MVP. I currently work at American Eagle and this is my site where I share some of the things I do with Sitefinity.

Sitefinity MVP

Yes a Sitefinity MVP now.

I look forward to continuing to help out Sitefinity developers.


Sitefinity Stuff Articles

In these articles I will talk about how I work and develop in Sitefinity. I also look to talk about any errors and issues I ran into hoping that it helps others who have run into the same things. I also talk about ways to achieve a solution or solve a problem. Of course there are always several ways to achieve a solution and I do hope to hear about other peoples ideas along the way.

WebApi Part II

My previous post explored the plumbing of creating a WebApi service within Sitefinity. It was long enough, and so I left the optional enhancements for this follow-up post.

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Out-of-the-box Sitefinity offers built-in REST and OData data services for you to consume. It's officially a fully fledge Headless CMS now. But sometimes, you just need to build your own API, customised to get and format the data you want in the way you want it, and the first choice for doing that is often using an MVC WebApi solution.

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I have been using version two of Google Recaptcha for a while and this month I thought I should update that to version 3. Little did I know that version 3 was now also yesterday's tech and today we have Google Recaptcha Enterprise. Is it any better? That I don't know but I do have the starting of an implementation of it to use in Sitefinity.

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Custom Layouts

It is quite well documented how to customise Sitefinity's 'content widgets'. But customising the 'layout widgets', well, that's a little less talked about. It's easy to add your own layout widgets but these are static HTML files. Often I see a dozen options created for every scenario and/or instructions about adding speciality classes in the designer to achieve effects. This is not a good experience for the content editor.

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For Help


Need some help with Sitefinity? Some development or consulting? Small business work or enterprise level, I can help you out through myself and my employment with American Eagle.


Perhaps a drop in module to add some functionality or a whole service module to enhance the business. I have created several reusable modules over my time and am refining them to be used by others.


My Sitefinity blog covers my experiences related to Sitefinity. I look to write about errors I run into and gotchas I have come across. General opinions and, I hope, helpful solutions.

Greg Mandile - Mandile Web Design

" Darrin has been my most valuable asset for my small business. Darrin’s professionalism, ability to meet or beat deadlines, and his top-quality work has helped my business grow since 2013. "

Erin Marmont - Wedding Celebrant

" I love the short and easy to read tutorials created for my website and that whenever I have an issue I can email or call on Darrin who helps me through any problems without fuss. "

Andy Maloney - NZ Sailor

" Darrin has been very helpful in creating a website for my Olympic Campaign. He has always been easy to contact and work with and he understands how to make the site best suit my goals. "