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This Month in November

Bonjour, Welcome to my corner of the world. My name is Darrin. I am a Sitefinity Solution partner with Progress and this is my site where I put the things I do with Sitefinity.

Recently I have been working with the Progress Professional Services team helping with several Sitefinity projects. It's provided some great opportunities but left me behind in my work here on Sitefinity Stuff.

But this month I have started to revamp this site starting with upgrading my payment provider to Stripe. Upgrading to the latest release of Sitefinity and most importantly, upgrading the site from web forms to Feather MVC widgets and revisit and optimise the sites HTML.

With that done, I then plan to start pushing a few more blog posts.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Des articles Sitefinity Stuff

Dans ces articles, je vais parler de la façon dont je travaille et développe dans Sitefinity. Il y a toujours plusieurs façons de trouver une solution et j'espère entendre parler des idées d'autres peuples. Je prévois également de garder tous les articles à jour avec les versions de Sitefinity. Périodiquement, je vais vérifier chaque article et le mettre à jour dans le but de rendre tous les articles pertinents à la version actuelle.


Quelques modèles complets que vous pourrez déposer dans vos projets Sitefinity et commencer à utiliser ou personnaliser selon vos besoins.


Mon blog Sitefinity couvre tous les articles de mon blog directement liés à Sitefinity. Il y a aussi un deuxième blog où je poste mes écrits généraux sur le développement de logiciels.

Greg Mandile - Mandile Web Design

" Darrin has been my most valuable asset for my small business. Darrin’s professionalism, ability to meet or beat deadlines, and his top-quality work has helped my business grow since 2013. "

Erin Marmont - Wedding Celebrant

" I love the short and easy to read tutorials created for my website and that whenever I have an issue I can email or call on Darrin who helps me through any problems without fuss. "

Andy Maloney - NZ Sailor

" Darrin has been very helpful in creating a website for my Olympic Campaign. He has always been easy to contact and work with and he understands how to make the site best suit my goals. "