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Jul 25


When creating a new user I got an error, 'A user with this nickname already exists'. That didn't seem right to me. In my family, all three brothers have the same nickname.

A quick bit of investigation and it turns out that the Nickname field in the user profile is a unique field by default but it can be changed by going to Settings -> Advanced -> User Profile -> Providers - OpenAccessProfileProvider -> Parameters -> isNickNameUnique.

To me, a nickname is not something that I would consider to be a unique field. Every French man and woman in New Zealand has the nickname of 'Frenchie' or 'Froggie'.

But I do see a case for being able to provide a unique field in the user profile. This would be for business id references that perhaps come from other systems or have been around since the '80s. Currently, when adding a short text field you don't have the ability to make it unique.

So, I created an idea for Sitefinity. Make the Nickname default to non-unique and add a new profile field that can be unique or add the ability to add a unique field.

Darrin Robertson - Sitefinity Developer

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment - Darrin Robertson

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