Sitefinity 9.1
Small but Significant

May 20


Sitefinity has released 9.1 today. There is the usual compilation of bug fixes from all the internal builds since 9.0 as well as a few new features added and improved. But there is one thing that has really made me smile and I am pleased with. You may not like it but I do.

You can read about the update details on the Sitefinity site under, Version Notes. But the one note that I really enjoyed the most was right at the bottom. Potentially last because it may be bad news for others, but for me it was well received.

Discontinued support for Internet Explorer 10 and older versions (blog post)

I suspect they kept this release small and not potentially one that people will want to upgrade to quickly, (most bug fixes can be done with the internal builds), but more to post warnings that we need to consider that in the future these older browsers will not be supported and thus we need to prepare. (That is a total guess on my part of course.)

I still shudder from my days trying to get web pages working in IE6 - 8. Today I really only support and highly encourage the use of the latest release of a browser. The amount of time consumed supporting older browsers, that are in diminishing use, far out weighs the benefit in my opinion. I do understand some organisations are stuck on a corporate policy yet I would argue that this is a corporate problem.

I have worked with one where the solution was to update from an old out dated browser in IE6, to another older and out dated browser of IE8.

So what I see from this is not that Sitefinity are taking away abilities of the product but removing road blocks and allowing them to put more time resources into improving the product.

Darrin Robertson - Sitefinity Developer

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