Stripe Payment Provider

A drop in payment provider extension for your Sitefinity site.

Module Help

The Stripe Payment Processor is a custom provider for the Sitefinity CMS platform. It allows you to take credit card payments through the Stripe payment service at


You first need an account with Stripe and obtain your  API key. You can obtain this by signing up at

You need the Sitefinity eCommerce module installed with your Sitefinity solution. This comes with the professional version but if you have the Standard edition you can use this plug in with our eCommerce extension for Sitefinity standard edition.


Install the nuget package to your Sitefinity web application project. The processor will self-register itself and will be available to you along with the other Sitefinity supplied payment processors.


After selecting the Stripe option from the drop down of available providers enter your  API key supplied to you from Stripe.

Stripe configuration Screen

You can run the processor in two modes, test and live. Both have there own separate keys. You can find test card details on the stripe site.