& Forms

Variations in products are such things as different sizes of a t-shirt. While forms are more free form such as entering a name to be printed onto the t-shirt being brought.


You can create variation groups and assign these to products. For clothing products, you may have size variances. For each variance, you also have the option to apply a price adjustment. For example, S, M and L are the same price but XL, XXL and XXXL are an extra $5.

Size Variation

It is a good practice to show the price adjustment in the title so that when users open the dropdown they can see it.

Size variation display


Forms allow you to add user defined input for the product being purchased. There are several options starting with a single line input field, textarea, a dropdown list and a checkbox.

Product form tectarea example

Form fields also allow you to define if the user must fill in the field by marking it as required.

Once you have created your variances and forms you can then assign as many of these to your products as required.

Product variance assignments


The quanity input field should be defined in the Razor View page and doesn't need to be defined as an option here.