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The eCommerce module in Sitefinity has long been a bit of a bugbear for them. They never intended to move it to feather and got others to create integrations as a preference. I originally created MVC feather widgets for the module and used them on this site for a few years but now I have upgraded and done an integration with Snipcart.

Snipcart is a client-side implementation of a cart and payment service. You create an account and then load Snipcart's CSS and JavaScript. You then add some attributes to your 'Add to cart' buttons. I don't intend to go into Snipcart itself and if you don't know anything about it you can check out the details on Snipcarts website.

Funny enough, my orignal Sitefinity eCommerce Feather widgets used the exact same concept as Snipcart. A JavaScript managed cart with attributes on buttons to drive it. I came across Snipcart as I was looking for a better client-side solution.

Who am I targeting with this project?

This project is for a simple site with straightforward requirements. Under 100 products, no complicated pricing or marketing requirements. A small business or a website where online purchasing is a secondary feature. Such as a sports clubs website that has a section to sell merchandise.

I developed the project in such a site, Northcote Rugby. You should check it out, buy a jacket and become part of greatest club around. :-)

If you have some strong requirements and your business is driven through your online shop. You should consider a more enterprise-level implementation such as ROC Commerce.

Another reason you may want to consider this project is that it will work with an existing Sitefinity eCommerce store. The widgets allow you to use either the Snipcart Commerce Dynamic Module products or the Sitefinity eCommerce products. I also include a migration script allowing you copy your Sitefinity eCommerce Products to the Snipcart Commerce module.

What are the features?

Here is a round-up of the main features.

  • Backend product management catering for variations and form fields.
  • Product widgets mimicking Sitefinity options.
  • Callback service allowing Snipcart to send order details back into Sitefinity.
  • Payment widget which allows any amount to be entered. Ideal for donations.
  • Add any additional fields to your product items and have them come through to front end views.
  • Use Sitefinity accounts to relate orders to users
  • Extend and customise the widgets

You can read a lot more about the particular implementations under the help documentation that I have started.

Can I see it in action?

You can, this site is using it, just head to the products page. Test it out by 'buying me a coffee'. :-)

You can also check out the rugby club, at which is a Sitefinity Standard edition license install.

How do I get it?

It's not ready just yet. I am looking to offer it as a package as well as an option to take a copy of the project and run with it your self. I'll also look to offer a service to customise the project for you, develop additional widgets and even help with a migration script. I still am going through testing but if you are interested right now, you can contact me and we can go from there.

Darrin Robertson - Sitefinity Developer

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment - Darrin Robertson

If I was really helpful and you would buy me a coffee if you could, yay! You can.

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