Aug 29

Azure and Search

Since forever Sitefinity had a little secret that search did not work on Microsoft Azure. For two years I have kept thinking they'll sort it eventually. Then recently I found out that the new site map generator didn't work either.

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Jul 24

CSS Tips

Earlier in the month I did a post on using CSS in Sitefinity. This is a short follow up on a few more things you may not know about that may help you out to create a better performing Sitefinity site.

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Jul 23

Error Handling in Sitefinity

Without any attention, errors in Sitefinity will throw the 'Yellow Screen of Death'. Helpful if your a developer wanting to know what is wrong with the page but terrible for visitors and business owners. In this post I will walk through some of the steps I put in place at the start of creating a Sitefinity site.

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Jul 04

Managing CSS in Sitefinity

Ultimately we want to deliver as small and as few files as we can for sites. But we also need to be able to maintain and manage these files which usually leads to the opposite result. But today we have excellent pre-processors to help us and I will look at how I use SCSS in Sitefinity.

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