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Welcome to my articles on Sitefinity and the and experiences I have had. I do love helping others out and it gives me a real thrill when people approach me for help and second when I actually help them out. So here I not only hope to help others out but also hope that others take the time to help me out. I don't mind being wrong but I do hate being wrong for a long time. So call me out if you can, help me to avoid writing another Doh story.

Sep 26

Sitefinity 7.2 Released

Sitefinity has released 7.2 in the last few days. I found this release to be quite secretive. There was never any Road Map posted for it and as I write this the Road Map is still talking about 7.1. There is some very cool features in this release. Yet, to be honest, I am at the same time wowed and ho-humm'd about the release.

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Sep 22

Securing Sitefinity

Sitefinity has good security out of the box but the one thing they can't do and you should do is secure the log on page. Even for a simple site you can get a free SSL cert or very cheap ones. They aren't high quality but they are far superior to the open plain text you are sending without them. There are also a few other steps you can take to make your site more secure.

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Aug 29

Azure and Search

Since forever Sitefinity had a little secret that search did not work on Microsoft Azure. For two years I have kept thinking they'll sort it eventually. Then recently I found out that the new site map generator didn't work either.

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Aug 06

Browser Cache Busting for your Javascript files

Its great to cache static files such as images, CSS and JavaScript on the client. Its a huge performance improvement. But what happens when we need to invalidate that file as we have new ones. The way to get the client to retrieve a newer version is to use a different URL or ask the client to hit F5. Or follow Mads idea.

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Jul 24

CSS Tips

Earlier in the month I did a post on using CSS in Sitefinity. This is a short follow up on a few more things you may not know about that may help you out to create a better performing Sitefinity site.

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